Understanding VoIP

VoIP, which means Voice over Internet Protocol, is now one of the most affordable and efficient ways to provide your business with an effective and powerful telephone line. A standard PBX is usually included with VoIP service, along with some other simple call management features. This is usually not enough, however, and many companies are looking to further their capabilities by adding VoIP phone services to their existing business phones. A VoIP provider can give your office the ability to take calls from anywhere within the United States or Canada. You don’t have to purchase extra lines for your office to take advantage of VoIP. If you already have a traditional phone system, you can take advantage of VoIP using hosted PBX services, as well.

Your business communications can improve dramatically when you move to a VoIP phone service.

A large advantage of utilizing a hosted VoIP system is that it gives your communications with the ability to grow with your needs and revenues. Instead of being limited by a single line and VoIP provider, your communications expands thanks to advancements in digital communication technology and the inclusion of advanced features. Hosted telephony provides:

Enhanced Business Communication When you utilize a voip system, you can expand your business communications using video conferencing. Video conferencing allows your employees to connect to your location, view presentations or documents, and share information and facts with other employees present. In addition to video conferencing, you can also use VoIP to conduct group training sessions and distribute educational information using audio teleconferencing. Through a VoIP phone service, your employees can even send voice mail to family members and friends. By connecting you and your employees together, you can also save money on travel expenses.

Better SIP Trunking and Business Continuity

When you utilize hosted VoIP, you have access to sip trunking as well as business continuity plans. A sip trunk is a type of gateway between your network and your VoIP servers. The sip trunk routes calls through the network and back to the appropriate destination and at the right time. Your hosted VoIP system uses one of several common formats for sip trunks, such as SIP trunking, SIP extension or SIP virtual backbone. Your hosted VoIP provider maintains the necessary infrastructure to manage these communications.

Business Continuity When you utilize a business VoIP service providers hosted VoIP system, your business continuity program focuses on two key areas. First, your hosted business voip phone system ensures that calls are made and received promptly. Second, your hosted business voip phone service provider includes security features such as firewall, packet filter, iptodeface and so forth. These enable you to maximize your business communication security and to minimize the impact that unauthorized users have on your business. You can create and maintain your own firewall or use an online firewall provider.

Ease of Use With a hosted PBX solution, you get a great feature-rich business phone system with ease of use. You simply download and install a program and start making calls immediately. There are no upfront costs or long-term contracts necessary. Your hosted pbx solution is compatible with the leading voip service providers and you can take advantage of their features such as auto attendant, call conferencing, call redirection, call return and so forth.

Minimal Maintenance There’s no need for you to be concerned with the maintenance and uptime of your hosted pbx phone system provider. Your VoIP solution provider will handle all the required maintenance, including security and network maintenance. You will just need to ensure that your voice and data traffic are flowing smoothly and you can give your full attention to your business. There are no special technical requirements necessary for VoIP to make it work – you just need a broadband internet connection.

Flexibility SIP is also compatible with most of today’s advanced enterprise software applications. It offers total flexibility and the option of converging with existing business processes without any additional cost.

  • You can easily integrate your voice, messaging and other communications applications with existing systems and business procedures.
  • You can easily configure VoIP services and features with the help of an online tutorial.
  • And with SIP trunks, you can easily branch your office wherever you are – even if you move to another part of the world.

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