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Benefits Of VoIP That May Change Your Perspective

VoIP Business Services is a converged network that offers integrated voice, broadband, unified communications protocols on the same network for businesses. It is used for international calls and multi-tasking. VoIP Business Services offered hosted IP Telephony, converged IP telephony, IP teleconferencing and other similar features as well as phone number management, call recording and conferencing all in one place. Businesses get various other services like voicemail, e-mail, advanced task management and advanced productivity tools in this platform.

The features of VoIP business services are similar to traditional analog voice systems. However, they incorporate the latest technologies and offer converged communications solutions for businesses. In simple words, they allow you to make phone calls via your PC instead of making calls from a landline or mobile device. Many people do not realize the benefits of switching over to an IP-based solution such as the RingCentral application.

The most significant benefit of using VoIP technology in business is that businesses can now make phone calls from any location. Traditional telephony systems work only from a specific location. For instance, if you need to call China and have a headset there, it will be difficult to make the call. But with hosted IP phones, you can easily make phone calls from anywhere in the world.

One of the challenges faced by small businesses is the high operational costs involved in maintaining a traditional phone system. The high cost of maintaining a PBX phone system is made up of long distance charges, vendor charges, circuit fees, etc. Small businesses find it difficult to cover these costs on their own. Hence, hosted voip phone systems were introduced which allows users to use Internet-based applications to make phone calls at a much lower cost than a normal phone. This allows the small businesses to save a substantial amount on operating expenses.

Hosted IP telephony also provides VoIP with advanced features like call forwarding, automated call distribution, automatic redial, simultaneous ringing across multiple phones, call lock, call management, and others. With VoIP, you are able to make calls from a computer terminal and access to your internet anywhere. The advanced feature sets coupled with easy-to-use web based applications enable you to manage and monitor your calls and communication effectively. You can easily identify which employee has dialed a particular number and can also block any call from certain numbers.

VoIP Business Services also provides some other benefits like:

easy access to business VoIP services | voice | call | phone | calls} Video Communications. VoIP uses your high speed Internet connection to transmit audio and video information (such as voice and video calls) through the internet. This enables organizations to make high quality voice and video calls to customers and clients wherever they may be located. Video communications can include live conferences, real-time webinars, touch-screen remote access and other advanced features. Using a VoIP provider, businesses can have professional video conferencing at various locations.

Voice and Data over IP.

VoIP can also transfer voice and data traffic over internet connections. This can significantly reduce long-distance and international telecom charges. With VoIP phone providers, you can send voice and data traffic to telephone services which supports IP protocol, such as ATA/DC switched or Fiber Optic connections.

Connecting the World. Companies that utilize a VoIP phone service provider can connect with people anywhere in the world, anytime. Through this, they are able to send and receive communications from any part of the world at an affordable and convenient price. Through this, you can increase your company’s global market share and expand its customer base.

Making Online Meetings. Online meetings, also known as Webinars, are very useful tools for many businesses. They allow you to conduct face-to-face communication with your clients while you are in distant places. These meetings are much more effective than traditional one-to-one communications, because they are more cost-effective, flexible and convenient. A lot of companies nowadays are using online meetings as a tool to expand their business by capturing the market share of smaller enterprises within their region.

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